While most people appreciate the importance of having a valid will, studies have found that the majority of Canadians don’t actually have an up-to-date will.

Getting your will drawn up can require a lot of thought and consideration, consultation with multiple family members, and an appointment with a lawyer. While it can be a time-consuming processes, our Estate Law Group can assist you in preparing a will that reflects your wishes and your interests.

The reality is that if you die without a will, you are dependant on provincial laws to deal with your estate. And these laws will likely not work in your favour.

Our team has expertise in many different estate situations, and can advise you on how to create a watertight will that deals with your assets and property in a manner that works for you.

The last thing you would want to leave after your death is a legal mess for your family to clean up, so the safest bet is to have a Will created. This will ensure your estate is divided among the people you care about most.

For more and wills, contact our Estate Law Group.

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