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Kim Cunnington-Taylor was recently interviewed by David Lu for a Law School Show podcast, recorded as part of the annual OBA Institute – a marathon of educational programming, spanning 30 different programs, offered over 5 days. This is the 40th year for the Institute. You can listen to the podcast, which was conducted in person in Toronto, in person in Ottawa and by webcast, here.

In the podcast, you will hear Kim and her Ottawa Institute co-chair Tim Kennedy talk about how and why they got involved in the OBA, and the many benefits of their involvement.

Kim has been involved with the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) for many years. She was on the executive of the Charity and Not-for-profit Section of the OBA for seven years, stepping back from the executive this year when her maximum term limit was reached. She is currently the Chair of the Business Law Section Executive of the OBA.

Kim is committed to giving back to the legal community in ways that really interest her: teaching and legislative reform. Through her work with the OBA, Kim has had the opportunity to do both. She has assisted in developing educational programming for OBA members across the province and has participated in several legislative reform initiatives, including work on corporate legislation governing provincial and national not-for-profit corporations and charities, and provincial and national business corporations. Kim has also participated in the development and drafting of several submissions made by the OBA and the CBA.

Kim finds this type of involvement invigorating. She likes the fact that she is able to participate in many ways to help the legal profession in Ontario and, ultimately, the public. The benefits she has received through her volunteer work are immeasurable: she has met great people with similar interests and passions; she has honed her writing, speaking and analytical skills; and she has had the opportunity to be mentored by senior members of the bar, and now is able to give back in the form of mentoring younger members of the bar.

Kim encourages every lawyer she meets to get involved; it is hard, but very important work. The rewards are personal as well as professional.

Kim Cunnington-Taylor is a lawyer in our Business Law Group.

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