Helping employees who have been dismissed from work

If you are an employee who has been dismissed or fired from your job, Nelligan O’Brien Payne’s experienced employment lawyers are here to help. We can provide advice and guidance on the different types of dismissal, including wrongful, unjust and constructive dismissals, to ensure that you are aware of the rights and remedies that may be available in relation to your termination. Our lawyers can also negotiate the terms of your dismissal with your employer, and represent you in the event that litigation is required.

Constructive Dismissal

A constructive dismissal occurs when an employee has not been dismissed, but a fundamental term of their employment has been changed significantly by their employer. The change may relate to, among other things, compensation, title, the employee’s position, or the employee’s duties. Abusive behavior by an employer may also give rise to a constructive dismissal. Remedies for constructive dismissal are similar to those found in a wrongful dismissal suit.