Bullying, harassment, and discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace

If you are an employee who has been treated differently or harassed because of a prohibited ground of discrimination such as age, gender, race, disability, religion, family status or sexual orientation, our experienced employment lawyers can help. We will work with you to resolve human rights issues in your workplace involving harassment, employment discrimination and violence in the workplace to ensure that your rights are respected. We can also help you make a complaint with your employer or file a formal complaint with the appropriate human rights regulator.

Bullying and harassment

When experiencing harassment or bullying in the workplace, it may feel like there is no way out. Thankfully, the law in Ontario provides safeguards to ensure that individuals do not have to tolerate this type of work environment. Employees have a right to a workplace free from harassment and bullying. 

If you feel that your work environment has become poisoned, we always recommend seeking legal advice regarding your potential rights and remedies before taking any aciton.

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