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Severance package review

If you’ve lost your job, you probably have a lot of questions.

Most employees in Canada are entitled to receive a certain amount of warning time from their employer of their termination, unless they are being dismissed for just cause. The amount of severance an employee may be entitled to depends on many factors.

To determine the amount of notice an employee may be entitled to, we start by determining whether the employer is federally or provincially regulated, and then move on to establishing different types of entitlements. The most relevant factors are the your age, length of service, level of compensation, and the nature of your position.

You may receive working notice, pay in lieu of notice equivalent to the value of salary and benefits that would have otherwise been provided during the notice period, or a combination of both. Notice may be limited by the terms of an employment contract, so long as the contract is enforceable and meets the minimum requirements of the relevant employment standards legislation.

Why have your severance package reviewed by a lawyer?

  • Know your rights and options  
  • Make sure it’s legal  
  • Get peace of mind that you have been treated fairly
  • Maximize the amount of money you receive from the process
  • Manage the process in a professional and respectful manner 

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